Assessment Process Consulting

One key to a successful business is to keep up with the talent that it demands. Whether you are growing or dealing with natural attrition you have talent identification and hiring needs. Rogala and Orr can make sure you control how those needs get met.

Identifying talent within your own organization and assessing outside talent both require an approach that is organized, fits your specific needs and consistent across applicants. We work with our clients to develop, implement and deliver exactly such programs. We work closely with internal partners and constituent groups to create content and structure that gets the job done and gets buy-in from all involved parties. After a new process is introduced we remain connected in order to maximize learning across iterations. Over time this approach fine tunes process focus and improves outcomes.

A typical talent identification or selection process can include such assessment tools and identification processes as Interviews, Simulations, Tests, Job Previews and Job Observation Ratings. The steps to create the process will involve the following steps:

  • Selection of position or job family
  • Job Analysis/ Competency Framework development
  • Mapping of tools to competencies
  • Development and validation of tools
  • Implementation
  • Post-implementation analysis and adjustment

ROI Assessments

As part of our goal to provide value and easy implentation of identification and selection programs we provide access to over 200 tests of various types. The ability to select tests to measure exactly what you need is coupled with delivery of those test through a consistent platform.

Learn more about our testing services by visiting where you can learn more about how to select and use tests in a fair and legally compliant fashion. Learn more about available tests in the following categories:

  • Screening for specific knowledge, skills or abilities
  • Screening for specific jobs or positions
  • Professional, Managerial & Leadership assessments
  • Coaching & Leadership Development
  • 360-degree Surveys
  • Career & Vocational Exploration


"Being the best at whatever talent you have, that's what stimulates life." - Tom Landry


"Excellent firms don't believe in excellence - only in constant improvement and constant change. ”- Tom Peters

A world-class talent identification process not only raises the bar of your company's talent, it impresses potential talent about how seriously you want the best.